Realizing health by doing innovative and sustainable – Yes We Do!

Developing, financing and operationalizing intrinsically sustainable and innovative health concepts. That’s what Yes We Do! (YWD) stands for. We ignore ‘Yes, but’, ‘too expensive’, ‘too complicated’, or ‘too busy’, and manage in an entrepreneurial way on actual impact realization ‘here and now’, with an eye for ‘there and later’.

The short chain: choosing locally for health with global impact

By making different choices in our local environment, we as a human can make the healthy difference. These choices can be focused on our wellbeing or, more altruistic, being entered by an awareness that our (structural) choices in the ‘here and now’ have an effect on the health of other people and the living environment elsewhere and in the future.

With our local, social and short green chain activities we facilitate human health and its living environment. Doing so, at the same time, we do our part to realizing integral the Sustainable Development Goals 2015 – 2030 of the United Nations. For example, we do so via Food for Health and other projects.


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