Placemaking for Health

Placemaking for Health

Creating an accessible, pleasant place in your own nearby environment, where you can make a food choice in a casual way. A food choice that benefits to your health as well as to the health of other people and to the living environment. That is the basic idea behind ‘Placemaking for Health’.

Contemporary and multifunctional health hub just around the corner

Concretely ‘Placemaking for health’ means a contemporary and multifunctional health hub just around the corner. The hub exists of circular environments that are suitable for multitudes of functions.

Integral health is pursued by assuming the principles ‘local, social and green’:

  • Local: just around the corner, short chain of production and consumption.
  • Social: inclusive, diversity, fair.
  • Green: nature, organic, circular.

The health hub is a vivid place where a diversity of people comes together from different motives, such as:

  • Shopping at the hub or at the mini supermarktet for local products and herbal vitamins.
  • Borrow books or seeds at the books/seeds library.
  • Enjoying mindfully a coffee or a tea.
  • Consulting a doctor, a coach or another expert in the field of health and wellness.
  • Enjoying a nearby tiny forest or organic picking garden.
  • Contribute to the urban farming project.
  • Participation; educating or coaching people in an ‘in-between’ situation.
  • Culture.
  • Sports and moving.
  • Overnight stay.


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